StarStructure Telescopes
(SST 2014)
Starstructure telescopes are built to order. Weights and
dimensions will vary with mirror size and focal length. It is
recommended that you request specs directly once a size has
been selected.
You can estimate the following dimensions using the information below.
The rocker box square dimension will usually be about 5" larger than the primary optic
for the Horizon design and about 7.5" larger for the LE design. Add .75" to the Horizon for the
altitude encoder. Add 2.5" to the LE dimension for the Servocat altitude motor.
Ground to altitude bearing tip height (stacked dimension), mirror box height and truss tube length
will vary with focal length. Please call.
The upper tube assembly normally has an ID of plus 2" to the primary optic and plus 4" for the OD. UTA height is
9" to 11" for scopes up to 18", 12" to 13" for scopes from 20" to 24", 13" to 14" for scopes 26" to 30". For larger
scopes please call.
Zenith height will normally be no longer than the focal length of the primary mirror. For scopes F3.6 and faster the zenith height is about 3" shorter than the focal length with our normal build criteria.
Secondary sizes are selected based on our design criteria to give 100% illumination. However you can choose any size you like. If you have specific needs please mention them before selecting a size so that we can help you make the best choice.
It is very important to us that you get a scope that you can handle properly and transport safely!
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e-mail: starstructure (at) verizon (dot) net