Starstructure telescope has been on the
leading edge of Truss Dobson manufacturing and advancement since 1998.

The mission of Starstructure has always been to provide the amateur astronomy community with top quality products. Starstructure Telescopes are designed for portability and yet maintain the rigidity required for a high quality observing experience.

Our all aluminum designs are easy to transport, easy to set-up and are impervious to weather.
All of these features allow our telescopes to maintain their usability and quality for many years to come.

Starstructure offers two series of telescopes, the LE series and the Horizon series. These are available as custom built products with aperture sizes ranging from 12.5 to 40. We also offer custom observatory grade telescopes that are tailored to your specific needs.


StarStructure Telescopes
30" f3.6 shown
(SST 2014)
starstructure001003.gif starstructure001002.gif starstructure001002.gif starstructure001004.gif starstructure001001.gif starstructure001003.gif starstructure001002.gif starstructure001002.gif starstructure001001.gif
e-mail: starstructure (at) verizon (dot) net